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Parent/Player Guide to 2-A-Days

08/11/2019, 9:45pm CDT
By Kelly Sherwin
  1. Practice is important.Players should always attend practice.If a player is injured the expectation is that they still attend practice.Our athletic trainer will give the player activities for rehabilitation, the player can stay mentally ready for when they return to play, and they can assist with practice operations.
  2. Each week of the season there will be a document entitled “Where to Be” that can be found near the top left of the football homepage at document is divided by grade and contains the start and end times for each practice as well as the proper equipment required for practice.  During the season, it will also have bus times.  These documents will give the parent/player an accurate weekly outlook.  They will be posted by Sunday night of each week.
  3. During 2-a-days Mondays and Wednesdays are longer days with two full practices.  Players are allowed to leave campus between in order to get something to eat.  Freshmen and some sophomores obviously are unable to drive thus they are encouraged to bring a lunch for the break time.  There is a space available in school for this time.  Players are required to clean up after themselves – this is a good idea so as not to create extra activities for the entire team.
  4. Tuesdays and Thursdays are much shorter on the field.  By MSHSL rules we are allowed to have 1 practice + a 45 minute walkthrough without pads.  Athletes will be done much earlier on these days unless special activities are scheduled such as pictures.
  5. All players should have practice equipment by the end of the day Monday.  Eastview will provide helmet, shoulder pads, practice pants, practice jerseys, knee pads, game jerseys and game pants.  Players are responsible for providing their own mouth guard and a girdle that has hip pads, tail pads, and thigh pads.  Knee pads are required in high school and once again will be provided by Eastview.  Mouth guards are expected to be tethered to the player’s helmet.
  6. Locker Room will be available on the morning of August 12.  All players should bring a padlock and will be able to store all practice equipment in their locker (Helmet, shoulder pads, practice pants, girdle, cleats, etc...)
  7. Please, Please, Please wash practice equipment at least once a week during the season.
  8. First Friday practice is more like a normal Monday but will be a little shorter
  9. Second Friday practice is a 1 practice day and is very short.  The second Friday will also be the day of the 9th grade scrimmage at Minnetonka.
  10. All injuries should be reported to both the coaching staff and our athletic trainer – Tricia Wankum.  Each day the trainer will meet with the coaching staff to give injury updates and rehabilitation progress.
  11. We are not a high contact practice program.  We very rarely go “live” in practice.  We like to keep all players on their feet as much as possible.  We do practice fast and are physical for part of the practices with shoulder pads but, once again, rarely engage in live contact.  We want all players to remain healthy for games and ultimately for the entire season.  Please help us work with our athletic trainer in keeping players healthy.
  12. During 2-a-days we spend much time with 9th-12th grade all together.  In competitive situations we will match age levels accordingly.  Freshmen will not compete against Seniors.
  13. All 9th and 10th graders will learn a position on each side of the football from the start of practice on August 12th.  Freshmen will spend 2 days on offense while sophomores spend two on defense.  The following days they will switch sides.  This will allow 9th offense vs 10th grade defense in competitive situations and hopefully maximize the learning of all players.
  14. Hudl is a great resource for film and learning throughout the season.  All players should be registered on Hudl by the first Wednesday of practice.  They will need to do so on a coach’s computer.  Hudl can be used on a computer or there are free apps for both iphone and android.


Special Activities:


Monday, August 12           Parent meeting 7:00 pm in PAC at      EVHS.  Players need not attend.


Tuesday, August 13           Picture Day in the Stadium.  12:15pm until completion (Usually 1:30pm)

          Picture envelopes for those interested in purchase will be given after practice on Monday

          If a player loses or forgets this envelope there will be more available at pictures.



Thursday, August 15         Grit Presentation:  All players 9th – 12th in PAC from 10:00 am – 11:00 am (After practice)

                  Email fund raiser meeting for all players 9th – 12th following Grit Presentation.

                  Players are expected to submit 20 legitimate emails for the fundraiser.


Wednesday, August 21      Lighting Card Fundraiser:  5:00pm – Completion (usually by 7:00 pm).  Meet in Gym at 5:00 pm

               Each player turns in $200 check for 10 cards.  They sell on Wednesday (or pre-sell before)

                All sales go back to the family of the player.  Thus, if all 10 are sold the net cost per player is $0.  Players return to the commons to turn in sales and are reimbursed on the spot.  We want to have an accounting to be able to properly inform parents of returning money.


Friday, August 23              9th Scrimmage at Minnetonka:  9:00 am – Noon

                                       Kick Off Bash – Eastview Stadium 5:00 – 8:00 pm   Varsity practice to follow.


Saturday, August 24          10th – 12th Scrimmage at Prior Lake:  9:00 - Noon     

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