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Team Goals on the Line Friday Night 10-12-12!

10/10/2012, 7:45am CDT

7:00pm at the Prior Lake Stadium


Months before the first day of summer Camps, team goals were being discussed in the weight room. The Unbroken theme was being kicked around and the ranks of the Leadership Council were forming.  Players were coming to terms with their commitment to strength, courage, Perseverance, and Resilience.

The team has come a long way since then, and in many cases, achieved some of their core goals from week to week. This week is different. This week, the Lightning squad is all in, laying it on the line. This week, the results of their efforts have direct implications for the Lightning. A loss could affect future pairings and stand in the way of their ultimate goals.

The Lakers, Panthers, and Lightning all sit a top the South Suburban Conference with one loss, and rank in that order in the conference standings. Because there are no tie breakers in the South Suburban Conference (A Concept Coach Sherwin has been pushing for since the inception of the conference), a win on Friday night would place Eastview and the Lakeville North Panthers in a tie for 1st place in the Conference, and would likely lead to Co-Champion Trophies in the Conference with Prior Lake taking a Conference 2nd Place. A loss to the Lakers would place Prior Lake in sole possession of the conference title, and push Eastview back to 3rd place in the Conference.

The outcome of Friday nights’ game not only affects the Conference Title; it has broad effects on the layout of the new Class 6A Championship Format.  The results of the Section Seeding meeting between Coaches, which will take place after the last regular season game, rests heavily upon the result of this weeks’ contest. A #1 or #3 seed will guarantee a home playoff game in round one on October 27, 2012. Playing the #8 seed or #6 seed in that game could make a difference. In addition, a #1 seed would guarantee a second home playoff game against the cross-over conference, The Suburban East on November 2, 2012. Based on the current standings in the Suburban East, This would likely amount to a home game versus either Cretin-Derham Hall or Stillwater. If we are the #3 seed, we would travel to either Cretin Derham Hall or Stillwater. This would be less favorable for obvious reasons.

With so much on the line, having broad implications on the playoffs, Friday night at 7:00 PM in Lakers Stadium is guaranteed to be one intense football game. Don’t miss it! Come out to cheer on a fine group of young men.  Let’s show them we stand behind them on their quest to remain UNBROKEN!

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