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Volunteer Opportunities

How to Volunteer

To sign up for any volunteer activity, please go to Dibs located at the Top Menu Bar.
  • Sign in (new users will need to create an account)

  • Click on the 'DIBS' tab

  • Click on the Current Season 'Volunteer Opportunities'

  • Click on the drop down arrow for the 'category' and choose any activity

  • Click on the 'Filter Dib Items' button.  This will then pull up all of the positions that are still available for this activity.  If it doesn't pull anything up, then all positions have been filled.

  • Click on the item you are interested in doing (Dib Item column)

  • Click on the 'Claim this DIB item' button. 

You are now signed up to do this activity.  You will receive an email two days prior to the event as a reminder.