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"Class always shows" - Paul Brown


  • THE TEAM COMES FIRST. - Every decision that is made will be based on the good of the team rather than on the wishes of individuals.
  • EXPECTATIONS ARE UNIFORM THROUGHOUT THE PROGRAM. - There is no room for any behavior that draws attention to the individual.

You can always spot a Lightning Football Player, not by the color of his jersey, but rather, by what is in his soul.

  • He fears no pain.
  • He cheers on the bench.
  • He screams on the field.
  • He practices because he wants to.
  • He places no blame for losing.
  • He praises his team for winning.
  • He doesn’t care who is watching.
  • He doesn’t take bows.
  • He doesn’t do backflips.
  • He doesn’t dance in the endzone.
  • He is a team player.
  • He has one goal; he plays to WIN!

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