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Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I REGISTER to play? 

All student-athletes at EVHS are required to register ONLINE. Registration for Fall Sports will open on/after July 15th each year. When the registration links are live, we will send out a mass email to everybody in our database to announce that the Athletics Office is open for registration. 

Every student-athlete is required to have an up-to-date sports physical on file. Online registration will not be available to you if the physical is not up to date. 

If a student qualifies for FREE / REDUCED LUNCH, the registration fee is waived. The player must still register on-line, and the fee will show up as zero. The biggest confusion with free/reduced lunch comes after you hit the “Submit” button. You are not done with registration until you go to the “Checkout” (located at the top of the page) and complete that process. 

The EVHS Main Office has a computer available for your use if needed. The Main Office hours are 7:00am to 3:00pm. 

Note: Players will NOT be allowed to participate in practice if they have not been properly registered and cleared for participation. Players who are not cleared, but who intend to play football, are required to attend and observe practice until the player is cleared. 


Is there a SPECIFIC FORM that I need to use for my PHYSICAL exam? 

YES. The MSHSL has a specific form that your doctor MUST COMPLETE for participation in high school sports. Some clinics have these forms on file, but it is strongly advised that you take the PROPER PAPERWORK with you to your physical exam. 

Every year we have players who are delayed in starting practices because of improper physical exam paperwork. Please make sure the proper form gets used. 

You can find the form in three places: the EVHS Main Office, the MSHSL website (listed below), and the Eastview Football website. 

Minnesota State High School League website: 

When do PRACTICES start? 

All practices for grades 9-12 start on the same day. Please refer to the CALENDAR on the Eastview Football website ( for the latest information including practice dates and times. A specific calendar will be available at the April Parent Meeting at EVHS in the Performing Arts Center at 7:00 pm. 

NOTE: Football for all grades starts PRIOR to the beginning of the school year in 

Where do I report for the start of practices? 

FIRST DAY OF PRACTICE - ALL 9th Graders should report to LECTURE ROOM C250 at 7:30 am to start the season – EARLY IS ON-TIME!!!! 


  • Athletic SHORTS (blue or black) 
  • Athletic-type T-SHIRT (white or grey) 
  • Practice JERSEY (Eastview issued) 
  • Athletic SOCKS (white or blue or black) that are mid-calf length 
  • Athletic SHOES (do NOT wear sandals or crocks) 
  • Football CLEATS (black is preferred) Do NOT wear cleats while in the building 

Head Coach, Todd Beach at 

Asst. Coach, Pat Strey at 

Questions prior to August 1 that are not addressed on the website or in this FAQ document should be directed to Head Varsity Coach, Wade Buckley at:

What EQUIPMENT do I need? 

Equipment that players purchase: 

  • Football CLEATS (black is preferred). Please GO TO A STORE, have the player’s feet properly SIZED, and PURCHASE cleats at the store for correct and comfortable fit! Highly recommended the cleats are purchased in early JUNE due to shortages before the season starts AND to use for summer football activities. 
  • Protective GIRDLE (required equipment by rule). 5-pad sewn in girdle. We will make these available at through our “workout gear” link. They can also be purchased locally at various stores. 
  • MOUTH GUARD. We provide basic mouth guards to all players who need one. However, some players may choose a higher-level brand (i.e., Shock Doctor) and/or have a mouth guard created by one’s dentist. This is your choice. Players MUST have a mouth guard BY RULE to participate in any contact situation. 
  • Protective cup or “nut cup.” These are NOT provided, nor are they required. Individual use is up to player/parent discretion. 
  • Gloves. We do not provide gloves, nor are they mandatory. Gloves must be within the Lightning Football Dress Code (found at You can never go wrong with black. 
  • Padded under shirts, including those that incorporate greater shoulder and/or rib protection. Some players may choose to wear this under their shoulder pads. 
  • Do NOT purchase the following: 
  • Visors. These are NOT allowed by RULE. 
  • Colored wristbands also called sweatbands. These are NOT allowed by RULE. We have specific play/call wristbands that we issue for players, when necessary, that are permitted by rule. 
  • Neon colored anything. These are NOT allowed by RULE. 
  • Additional padding. For example, shin guards or certain elbow pads. These are NOT allowed by RULE. 

What about SUMMER opportunities? 

All of our summer opportunities are strongly encouraged but they are not mandatory. They are offered as opportunities to make our players better athletes, better football players, and to get a jump start on our offensive and defensive schemes. Players who attend camp enter the season with a great foundation of being prepared for the season. 

We have two opportunities that are strongly recommended: 

Super Group: 

  • This program involves strength training, agility, plyometric training, and speed development. 
  • Registration for this camp is run through District 196 Fee Pay. We will email out registration links once they are available. 
  • Super Group runs Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (8-9:30 am) during the summer until the start of fall sports with no sessions held during the “MSHSL no contact week” that includes the 4th of July. 
  • All participants receive a T-shirt. It is open to athletes in all sports.

Lightning Football Camp

  • This is THE summer camp for Eastview Football Players in grades 9-12. This camp includes 11 sessions. 
  • Skill development session are held on Tuesday mornings and Sunday nights throughout the summer. These are conducted will all 9-12th graders together wearing only HELMETS (and in some instances – shoulder pads). These are strictly non-contact with an emphasis on football SKILLS. We may also install schemes specific to Lightning Football. 
  • Camp practice sessions held in JUNE. The sessions are 3 hours in length and give all players an introduction to fall practice. Skill development and specific Eastview schemes are introduced. SHOULDER PADS are issued at the end of the Monday night session. 
  • All players receive T-SHIRT. This camp is run through the Community Education, and online registration will be available each spring & communicated via email and at 
  • Costs & Registration: All registration fees are paid to Community Education, and registration can be done online and payments made with a Credit/Debit card. 
  • Note: These camps are highly encouraged but not mandatory. Those who attend camps will enter the season with a greater understanding of football fundamentals and our systems. 


How do we get added to the EMAIL distribution list? 

To receive football program email, contact Coach Buckley at to be added to the distribution list. 

Where do I get the latest INFORMATION for Eastview Football? 

Almost all information is communicated first via the Eastview Football website: and then sent via email using our distribution list. 

PLEASE refer to your emails and the website before emailing Coach Buckley about a question. Most answers can be found within seconds of examining this FAQ document, our website, or emails that have been previously sent. If the answer to your question is still not there, email Coach Sherwin at 

Is it OK for my player to miss practices for VACATION? 

The football season starts during the summer (August) and continues through two other school holidays – Labor Day Weekend and MEA Weekend. For incoming 9th graders, we acknowledge that vacations over one of these times may be unavoidable by the time you learn about the high school football schedule. However, we ask that parents/players communicate any vacation conflicts immediately with the 9th grade coaching staff. For 9th graders, these will be “excused” absences with the following understanding: 

  • Missing practices and games negatively effects depth chart position and playing time. While a player is on vacation, teammates continue to improve and build chemistry as a team. 

How are POSITIONS and PLAYING TIME determined? 

  • The COACHING STAFF makes decisions for positions and playing time that best meet the NEEDS OF THE TEAM. 
  • PLAYERS may meet with coaches to determine areas of improvement that can help a player understand what skills and/or knowledge of positions/schemes may lead to an increase in playing time or an improvement/change of position. 
  • Previous playing experience and/or depth chart position is NOT necessarily relevant to participation on the FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM. Players MUST COMPETE in practice and EARN the opportunity to play EVERY DAY! 
  • Playing time is NOT equal. Every player has an opportunity to improve and demonstrate physicality, skill, and understanding of the game every day in PRACTICE. Freshmen are at various stages of physical development; however, the one characteristic that all players have control over is their EFFORT and DESIRE to improve in practice EVERY DAY! 

What is the Eastview Lightning Touchdown Club and How do I GET INVOLVED? 

  • The Eastview Lightning Touchdown Club is our BOOSTER organization that SUPPORTS the football program in the following ways: 
  • Raising money for player equipment and stipends for additional coaches at each level. 
  • Organizing volunteers for the many needs in our program; parents are expected to be involved. 
  • ALL 9th grade player families are EXPECTED to VOLUNTEER at two events minimum. Volunteer opportunities include working in the concession stand during a VARSITY GAME, being a driver in the fall card fundraiser, working during the KICKOFF BASH in August, etc... More information on opportunities will be made available via email and at the parent meeting at the beginning of fall practice. 
  • Please learn more about the Eastview Lightning Touchdown Club by visiting the ELTC website: 

What are the protocols for player HEALTH and SAFETY? 

  • ​​​​We follow concussion protocols as mandated by state and federal rules. This includes removing any player from participating if symptoms of a concussion are present until the player is CLEARED by a PHYSICIAN to return to play. 
  • We have a Certified Athletic Trainer at all our football events – practices and games. 

  • All players are encouraged to complete BASELINE TESTING. This is completed via computer and measures healthy/normal brain activity of an individual. 

  • Our program uses a helmet specialist to check every player helmet for correct fit prior to contact. 

  • As a program we are committed to strength training and teaching proper football techniques for contact and tackling. 

What happens if a player gets INJURED in practice or a game? 

  • Eastview coaches and the athletic trainer have experience in football related injuries. PLAYERS DO NOT HAVE MEDICAL TRAINING! Do NOT self-diagnose. Players are expected to see the ATHLETIC TRAINER who will advise a recovery protocol. 
  • Parents – please DO NOT send the player to a doctor unless first advised by the Certified Athletic Trainer. 

Can a 9th grader “try-out” for the JV/Varsity team? 

  • No. 9th graders cannot “try-out” to make the varsity team. There are exceptions but this is incredibly rare given the physicality required to compete at the VARSITY level. 
  • 8th graders can strength train and work out at EVHS in the spring before entering 9th grade. Throughout the winter months we run a middle school Super Group at EVHS. Information is distributed after the start of the new year to each of the schools and athletic organizations. Workouts usually last one hour and include strength training, speed development, agilities and plyometrics. 

Can players be CUT from the team? 

  • We do not cut players however, players at any level may be DISMISSED from the program if they have too many absences OR if they become a distraction to our goals as a program.