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Lightning Card

Our goal is to have the players take responsibility to earn this money back for each family, thus making the outof-pocket cost effectively $0 per family. The purpose of doing these fundraisers in the ways described below is to make it equitable throughout the program. By following this model every player is making an equal contribution to the program. We remind all families that the Eastview Lightning Touchdown Club is the sole provider of equipment, supplies, and the like for the program. The ELTC has purchased all game jerseys, shoulder pads, helmets, practice pants, practice gear, highlight dvds, end of season parties, special events such as parent night and homecoming activities, as well as provide several coaching stipends on a yearly basis. We ask that all families participate so that Lightning Football can continue to operate with all of these value added items.

Flower Sale

The primary purpose for the Spring Flower Sales Program is to give each player an opportunity to earn their required $150.00 equipment contribution (due at equipment pickup in summer.) Athletes will benefit directly from their individual efforts.

Sell $300 or more and your $150 equipment contribution is covered!

Grocery Bagging

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